Hello, my "name" here is Larkin. I'm a digital artist based in Maryland. I create organic pattern works and continuous abstract forms by hand with a digital stylus (i.e., Apple Pencil) and generatively with code. Often, my works are meditations on nature, serendipity, and consciousness. I've been making art for as long as I can remember. I studied digital art in college, and my day job blends UX design, visualization, and software engineering. I also love science and math. All have and continue to influence my art.
If you'd like to follow my work or have questions, the best way to reach me is on Twitter @Larkin. I sell limited edition prints of select works through my store and by request. If you're interested in a piece that isn't listed in my store, just drop me an email (art@larkin.studio). I also do commissions for original work and I'm open to selling select works as NFTs.