Hello, my name is Larkin. I'm a digital artist based in Maryland near DC and Baltimore. I make organic pattern works and continuous abstract forms by hand with a digital stylus (i.e., Apple Pencil) and sometimes with code. Often, my works are meditations on nature, serendipity, and consciousness. I've been making art for as long as I can remember. I studied digital art in college and my day job blends UX design, visualization, and software engineering. I also love science and math. All have and continue to influence my art. I sell open edition (i.e., on-demand) prints through my Etsy store. I also sell original works and limited edition prints of select works by request. Please direct all inquiries (e.g., commissions, sales, etc.) to art@larkin.studio. If you'd like to follow my work, my Twitter handle is @Larkin. I frequently post pics of works in progress.